The formal name for a hangov­er is veisalgia, from the Norwegian word for “uneasiness following debauchery” (kveis) and the Greek word for “pain” (algia) — an appropriate title considering the uncomfortable symptoms experienced by the average drinker.

…and it’s terrible. find out what causes the infamous hangover with this short vid:

More oft asked questions answered:

  • What causes the notorious ‘Hangover Poop’?

Alcohol is toxic to epithelial tissue – which happens to line your intestinal tract – if you drink more than your system can break down, your intestines suffer the consequences.  And it’s gross.

  • Why is it that after a long night of heavy drinking, some people awake significantly earlier than when going to bed completely sober?

This is called the “rebound effect”. When alcohol is in full effect, it makes you sleepy. Your body and brain try to counteract this, in a process called homeostasis (kind of a “let’s get back to normal”) by encouraging wakefulness (via glutamate release).

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The “rebound effect” doesn’t do much when the alcohol is active. But when it wears off?  Those homeostatic processes are still active, and you pop awake; a “rebound” wakefulness from the previous alcoholic stupor. From the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism:

Studies found that particularly at higher alcohol doses, increased wake periods or light stage 1 sleep periods occurred during the second half of the sleep period (Williams et al. 1983; Roehrs et al. 1991). This second-half disruption of sleep continuity is generally interpreted as a “rebound effect” once alcohol has been completely metabolized and eliminated from the body.

  • If your body is dehydrated (the cause of the hangover) why on earth would do you crave salty foods like bacon, or freedom fries o_O ?

Because salt helps your body hold onto water.

  • Why do hangovers get worse with age?
The chemicals (dehydrogenase + aldehyde dehydrogenase) that we use to break down alcohol are produced in less quantity as you age. Therefore, it takes longer for your body to process the alcohol and you get a worse hangover.  So kids, listen up! and fear the day that hangovers have you “praying for death”  Like this hungover kitty:hangover cat

  • What are some cool tips for curing a hangover?

cool tips for hangovers

Thanks to the drunks over at reddit for the inspiration for this article!

And remember- if you’re going to drink, drink responsibly.


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