Be an early riser! I’m a big fan of waking at 5am and spending time working on myself before I do anything else. Yes, it can sometimes be pretty difficult (especially in the winter months), but it’s also hugely rewarding. Here’s three reasons why waking up early can be the awesomest thing you do all day.


Dawn is probably the most under-appreciated time of day. There’s dew on the ground, the air is fresh, and the sunlight is just starting to creep into the sky in beautiful sunrise colors. At dawn, there’s a feeling of rebirth as the new day begins. Go for a ten-minute walk to get your blood flowing and soak up that splendid dawn energy. What better way to begin your day than to embrace that feeling of new life and channel it into your ideas and actions? Be inspired.

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Breakfast, done right, is hands down the best meal of the day. Take a little time to make it delicious—cook a fancy omelet, brew a great pot of coffee, and make sure your toast is browned just the way you like it.

Think about the difference between how your body feels after a late-night binge compared to an awesome a.m. smoothie. There’s just no comparison. So wake up and fix yourself a breakfast of champions, because you are one!

Be a champion!

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If you have the willpower to set your alarm early, and actually obey it when it calls you awake, you truly are a champion. You can apply that same willpower at the office, in class, and pretty much anywhere else you want to accomplish something. The more willpower you have, the more likely you’ll be to make positive and productive choices.

Don’t be a panda about it!

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Pandas, Wolverines, and Bill Murrays agree: waking up early kinda sucks. But with a little willpower you’ll discover that getting up early sets you up for success all day long.


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