Having a community to rely on is extremely important during recovery. In the beginning, the use of substances creates a path of secrecy and lies.  An individual will tend to feel like they need to hide their behaviors from those around them. Isolation increases with higher frequency of use.

The emotional outcomes of isolation creates shame and guilt. An addict experiencing shame and guilt is less likely to seek help than someone who has a support system.

The transition into recovery includes escaping isolation and welcoming a new community. Being surrounded by peers who have expressed similar behaviors creates a common acceptance among those trying to improve their state. Having support from like-minded people is essential to achieving lasting recovery and understanding you are not alone.

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It is important to note that people in a recovery community have likely experienced similar thoughts as you, for example:

  • There are people around you who have battled the same types of conflict. You are definitely not alone in your struggles.  
  • There are people who understand what you are going through and can offer support when temptation arises.
  • You can find encouragement and success stories in a nonjudgmental environment.
  • Other individuals can assist your recovery by giving a variety of suggestions on how to manage cravings and urges as you reintegrate back into the life you had prior to the abuse of drugs or alcohol.
  • Individuals can often offer new hobbies and actives to distract you from using and to refocus your mind.

blue pattern recovery - addicaidEngaging with a community all striving for recovery creates a network of people invested in one another’s success and improvement. When a community of those who are encouraging, positive, and supportive surrounds a person in recovery they are more likely to succeed than on their own. Evidence suggests that a peer-supported community program can have a significant positive impact on recovery.

Just as AA and most 12-Step programs, Addicaid is a safe space where you can be completely anonymous while interacting with those facing similar burdens. Addicaid provides judgement-free 24/hour network for people when looking for help and support. We also encourage engagement and interaction between users. Whether that includes responding to someone’s check-in, reflection, or giving support you are expanding the recovery community and network.

cool-emoticons-set-addicaidHere are some more reasons why community building is so important:

  • Increased social interaction and connections lead to improved outcomes in economical, education, and recreational settings.
  • In a socially inclusive network, people in recovery have the opportunity and necessary supports to contribute to their community as citizens.
  • Prevention activities help create communities in which people have an improved quality of life that includes healthier environments such as at work and in restoring healthy family and friend relations.
  • Social connections and understanding also help people in recovery from addictions benefit from an addiction free lifestyle.

Having a supportive community will improve your outcome and success in recovery. Speaking to those dealing with similar issues and vices will break any current isolation and provide you with new allies. Community building is key to a successful recovery.


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