This infographic shows the relative rates of drug abuse, according to professions. These 10 career categories—from business, to the arts, to agriculture—have the highest rates of drug use, according to SAMHSA.

Food service ranks the highest, with an estimated 17.4% of workers abusing substances. Based on everything we know from reading Kitchen Confidential, this doesn’t come as a shock. But it’s still surprising that food services AND construction workers are both statistically bigger drug consumers than those who work, broadly, in the “creative industries.” Although artists are known for burning the candle at both ends, they only come in third at 12.4%. But the results (as presented here) lump entertainment, design, sports, and art into one huge category.

Construction workers are more likely to abuse alcohol, while food-service workers and arts, design, entertainment, and sports workers are more likely to abuse illicit drugs.

For more data about professions that are most associated with substance abuse, check out The Jobs That Make You Drink.



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