Often while in recovery we feel guilty about our addiction. Volunteering is an amazing way to ignite your purpose by helping others and making a positive impact on the recovery community. When you give back to society and help others you can experience a multitude of positivity in your life. Giving back and feeling gratitude are key to having a successful recovery. 

Addiction can often cloud our judgement. The decisions we make while under the influence can have a negative impact on our loved ones. Volunteering in your community allows you to give back to others in need. Helping out others can often relieve any guilt you are holding onto. Relieving guilt is essential to starting your new sober life. In making amends for your past wrongs, you will find the energy to move forward.

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When we help out others we can witness our own productivity in society. Understanding how you can make valuable contributions will give you a sense of purpose. A positive role in your community will give you meaning and intention. Each of these qualities result in experiencing more gratitude overall. Reinforcing these positives in your life will make you appreciate life more. A new appreciation for life will boost your recovery because of your intention to live and thrive.

Volunteering can also have the effect of boosting your self-esteem. Often addiction can harm your career. Whether that means losing a job or taking gaps in between, it is never easy to return to the working world. Volunteering is a way to prove to yourself that you can take on responsibility and handle challenges. The new confidence you gain from volunteering will push you to return to work.

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Finally, engaging with people in your community is a new source of friends. A lot of times we find our old relationships to be harmful and negative. Engaging with people who share the same or similar addictions can halt our recovery. In order to maintain sobriety you need a strong support network. Meeting new people who are also engaging in positive and selfless activities will ensure you that they share similar principles.

It’s never too soon to get started. Most communities have websites on volunteering opportunities. Find an opportunity that strikes an interest of yours, for example, gardening or working with animals. Another way to give back is volunteering in addiction related work. You have a wealth of information and experiences to share with others. You can assist at prevention centers, schools, and homeless shelters. Being in recovery gives you lots of material to work with. You can act as an example for others who are just starting recovery.


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