We’re looking for the innovators, the instigators, the pioneers, and the rebels in recovery. The unwavering desire to make an impact on addiction is what unites Addicaid partnerships. Our shared passion and commitment form the base of our robust, proactive community of heroes in recovery. Join us and help drive positive change in the lives of addicts & alcoholics everywhere. 


Some of the principles we use to put Addicaid’s purpose into action:

  • Head + Heart = Growth — We find ways to work from both our heads and our hearts, collapsing the divisions between these two aspects of ourselves in our work as often as possible. It is the only way to achieve what we call growth.

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  • Mine Your Past — This is the best way to know what you’ve got. Reflect on your history in order to understand what motivates you, both positively and negatively. This reflection will benefit you and guide you in helping others in immeasurable ways.
  • Fill in the blank:  ________ is What Matters  — We believe it’s important to be able to take pause … take a step back … and understand the interconnectedness of the many social problems that addiction causes to be able to develop actionable plans towards promising solutions. But we also need to be able to take a step in if we want to move the needle on this issue. So, identify what matters to you (this can be anything from a social problem to something beautiful that you want everyone to experience) and prioritize it.  As we’ve learned from our research in addiction recovery, saying “yes” to what really matters almost always means saying “no” to other things.


  • Identify & Act on Moments of Obligation — We try to identify the precise moments in which we have been — and continue to be — moved to take responsibility to help solve one of our world’s biggest problems. We challenge ourselves (and our partners) by continually asking: how can we turn this impassioned feeling into impactful action? 
  • ABCD (Always Be Cool Dude) — We encourage our team, partners, and all of our members to nurture a deep curiosity about mental health and addiction recovery, and to actively seek to understand other people’s perspectives. We believe that taking a variety of perspectives into account is critical to our company’s innovation, as it allows us to see connections and patterns that we otherwise could not. Understanding the diverse perspectives of those affected by addiction is essential for us to achieve the high-level of impact that we aspire to.

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If you think that you or your organization is a good fit, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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