The fourth and last video in this series on opioids focuses on opioid addiction and treatment. First, there is a distinction to be made between dependence and addiction. Dependence is the tolerance one develops over time and the withdrawals one suffers after stopping a drug. Addiction is a behavioral disorder that refers to the desire a person feels for the effects of a drug.

After learning about America’s opioid epidemic in the last video, the issue is clear. A result of overwritten prescriptions, abuse, and dependency has created this problem. How do we solve it?

There are a multitude of factors harming the resolution of widespread opioid addiction. These factors include stigma, lack of public health attention and insurance coverage, as well as limited accessibility.

By eliminating the stigma behind addiction, there is a greater possibility for support. Addiction is a change in the brain, not a personal choice. Social factors and psychological effects are also highly responsible for an addict’s success or failure. Long-term maintenance as well as behavioral treatment is the best form of treating your addiction and remaining substance free.

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