Stigma is one of the meanest and most difficult aspects of addiction because it makes it harder for people to get the help they need and deserve. Society imposes stigma – and its damage – on addicts because too many remain uninformed, believing that addiction is a character flaw or weakness.

The victims of stigma often internalize the hate it carries, transforming it to shame and hiding from its effects. Too often, people with addiction problems begin to accept the idea that addiction is their own fault and that maybe they are too weak to do anything about it.

A fundamental element that can bring an end to the stigma is education and awareness for addicts and society. You might think that only some types of people can get addicted. But the truth is, addiction can happen to anyone, whether they’re young or old, rich or poor, male or female. So always remember: you are not alone in this fight. We are in this together.


Addiction Impacts More People Than You Realize - Addicaid


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