A daily check-in is one example of an easy and effective method for improving your daily life. A check in will allow you to share specific situations, improve responsibility management, meet new people, and ensure you stay on track.

In order to benefit from the online community it is important to make the most of every feature. A daily check-in reminds you to participate in the community and to make use of the space through sharing and learning. Taking control over your emotions is an important steps towards freedom from substance abuse. Being aware of your feelings and mindset can help you to navigate challenging situations in daily life, and to avoid people and places that might trigger relapse.

thumbs-up-addicaid-addiction-recoveryWrite about specific situations, for example your emotions when you run into an old drinking buddy while at the mall or while grocery shopping. Constant reflections can create a pattern of critical thinking and understanding. Clear communication enables you to build stronger relationships and effectively share your hopes and goals with others.

It also allows you to set firm boundaries that separate you from your triggers. These can help with sobriety in the long term. Reading what others have to say about their situations and struggles can help you identify areas where you need assistance or methods that can improve your own current situation.

Checking in regularly encourages healthy habits, such as being more proactive in managing your responsibilities and commitments. Just as you dedicate time to logging on, you will learn to put your important obligations first. Staying on top of work and family life shows a real commitment to improvement and recovery. The more you successfully manage, the more confident you’ll feel about leading a life free of substance addiction. Just be careful not to bite off more than you can chew!

practice makes perfect habits - score addicaid goal daily dose challengeMeeting new people and building strong, healthy relationships is one of the best things you can do for yourself in recovery. Having a reliable social support network can keep you on the right track, offering you support and companionship when you need it the most. Everyday you will be able to share your progress while also hearing from others about theirs.

Often, after several small successes people can become overconfident and assume a sense of control they don’t entirely have. While you may think you have been cured, in reality you don’t have the power to turn down your addiction just yet. If this were the case you wouldn’t have to continuously reassure yourself, your friends and your family that you are still in control. Maintaining your check-in regularly will curb your overconfidence.

responsibility-addicaid-check-inThe importance of checking in daily is to maintain and track your recovery. Addicaid makes this easy by sending you a push-notification everyday to ensure that you have filled out your usage and urge patterns. Following up every day will make you responsible for your own recovery.

Addicaid pushes you to acknowledge your recovery every day. Daily check-ins help to create a routine and structure in your life. It is important to follow this new regimen in order to maintain your recovery for the long term. Our goal here is to increase the number of days between lapses and to prevent relapse. Tracking your improvement and holding yourself accountable daily will ensure your sobriety in the future!


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