The third video in this series of four draw attention to America’s epidemic of opioid abuse. While opioids work to alleviate pain, what else are they responsible for? About 1/3 of people in the US suffer from chronic pain. Despite this problem, treatment with opioids may be causing more harm than good.

In 2014, more than 47,00 people died from drug overdoses. That number is higher than deaths from both car crashes and gun violence. A significant number of these overdoses are the direct result of prescribed medications.

The increasing number of opioids prescribed by doctors suggests an increasing number of bad outcomes.  Prescription opioid abuse is associated with heroin abuse. The heroin epidemic is growing especially among younger adults.

Regardless of the dosage prescribed, people are using these drugs in inappropriate ways. Examples of misuse are crushing, snorting, and injecting. Exploiting these prescriptions puts patients at higher medical risk for overdosing. In addition, injecting these drugs makes people vulnerable to contracting HIV, hepatitis, and other blood born diseases. The abuse of prescription drugs and heroin results in addiction.

Understand more about this issue by watching the video below!


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