This is your stage. Tell your story. And we’ll amplify it!

We believe that by sharing our stories of recovery, we can empower others to overcome addiction. We want to help your story get told.

Though it may not be rational, addiction affects each and every one of us; not only the alcoholics and addicts themselves, but their families, their friends and society as a whole. Yet there’s a cloud of stigma subjugating us, silencing us, and causing us to feel as if we were alone in what is a universal struggle.

Part of that stigma exists because traditional media’s coverage of addiction is lacking. They’re not telling the right stories, and they’re not reporting on what many of us need to hear. Unfortunately, traditional media is more interested in the tragedy of addiction than it is in recovery.   

So we need to step-up to tell the stories that are aren’t being told. The types of stories that matter most. The stories that empower people to change, and open the door to recovery. Stories that stimulate empathy, that change our hearts, change our minds, and make a difference in the lives of people who need it most. 

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Everyone has a voice, but not everyone has a place to share it

Everyday Addicaid connects with an audience whose voices often go unheard. Our mission is to help more people lead healthier, more meaningful lives by empowering them to take charge of their recovery. We are the addicts and alcoholics who need our voices to be heard.

There are people struggling with addiction who need help getting started in recovery. They often don’t know where to begin — or worse yet — they are afraid to take the first step because of the damning stigma that surrounds addiction.

People in recovery know that recovery is different for everyone, but not every addict knows this — and that can be very detrimental, perpetuating the unhealthy situation.

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A Call for Voices

That’s where you come in. We want your story to be told. We want your story to break through to someone in need. Because we believe that by sharing our struggles and triumphs, we can illuminate the multidimensional scope of addiction recovery in our communities. And revealing that no one is alone in this struggle, that addiction doesn’t always look just one certain way, that recovery takes on many faces, and is just as complex as the people it touches.

We’re looking for stories that inspire change and can even change the way the entire world looks at addiction. Because addiction affects all of us. And because we’re all part of the same story.

So we urge you to join this conversation. Your personal struggle may very well mirror someone else’s — and for an addict who thinks s/hes alone — it could be a lifesaving lesson to learn how you transcended your addiction.

So what’s your story? How has addiction affected you? Got an interesting or unique way of telling your story? Great! Because we’re open to unusual ideas that will resonate with the millions of people in recovery, and we love to experiment.